Biotech Center, Gothenburg, Sweden, Green Lift.

View from the Green Lift of the Biotech Center, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Photo: C M Cordeiro-Nilsson and PO Larsson © 2011

The Biotech Center in Gothenburg was designed by Per Henrik Johansson at Liljewall Arkitekter ab as a part of the Sahlgrenska Science Park of the city. It is in fact one of my favourite modern buildings in the city of Gothenburg because this building, that houses mostly biotechnology and innovation companies, is to me the very concrete extension of innovative design and architecture.

Since its opening in 2004, it has become today, a star attraction to many of our visitors who come from abroad, of which its most interesting features are reflected in this article in Arkitektur 4:2004 (Pdf file 4.8Mb), in a journal on architecture that describes in greater detail, the Biotech Center project.

Biotech Center Gothenburg, reception.


Tall glass walls, expansive windows and a glass ceiling contributes to the builidng’s incredible lightness of structure, a feature that attracts the attention of most visitors to the building. The glass ceiling also has the function of letting in as much light as possible during the long dark winter days, and during spring and summer, the inside of the building turns into an indoor garden of sorts with what seems like infinite sunlight streaming in through the diverse glass panels.

Biotech Center, Gothenburg, bridge.

A bridge that takes people between the two different lift landings.

Biotech Center, organizations.

The names of some of the companies housed at the Biotech Center.

Biotech Center, Gothenburg, back entrance.

Back entrance.

Shanghai University visit, Biotech Center, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sitting in one of the building’s landings with a delegation from the Shanghai University, China.

Group talk, Shanghai University at the Biotech Center, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Group talk.
From L-R: Sherry Zhang of the International Relations Office, Shanghai University; Dr. Cheryl Cordeiro-Nilsson, University of Gothenburg; Professor Zhuang Enping and Professor Hao Jian, Shanghai University.

Dr. Cheryl Cordeiro Nilsson, with Shanghai University delegates, Biotech Center, Sweden.

Dr. Cheryl Cordeiro-Nilsson, with delegates from the Shanghai University.

Professor Zhuang Enping, Shanghai University, in Sweden.

Professor Zhuang Enping, Shanghai University, China.

Furnished in clean, solid coloured tables and chairs, the building also features several indoor patios or landings that allow for mix and mingle sessions outside its main conference or seminar room that seats about 45 persons.

With a gym, a sauna and a roof top suite that allows for summer barbecues and surround sound movie screenings, I think many of us here in the building are unashamedly looking forward to the upcoming season!

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