EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Core Project CiNURGi 2023-2027

CiNURGi Project Summary

CiNURGi (6.5mEUR 2023-2027) is an EU Interreg BSR core project aimed at developing a circular economy for nutrients in the Baltic Sea Region. The initiative focuses on upgrading current infrastructure and technology to enhance nutrient recovery from biomass and resource streams from agricultural, municipal, and industrial sources. The project’s goal is to facilitate efficient nutrient use and promote the use of recycled fertilizer products.

Objectives and Strategic Alignment

The project aligns with several regional and European strategies, including:
1. HELCOM Baltic Sea Regional Nutrient Recycling Strategy and Baltic Sea Action Plan.
2. EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan under the EU Green Deal.
3. Integrated Nutrient Management Action Plan of the Farm to Fork Strategy.
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The Nexus approach to natural resources management

Figure 1. A VOSviewer bibliometric visualization for the keywords, “nexus”, “transformative” and “tools”.

The word and concept of most interest for me this year is nexus, defined broadly as a connected group or series. When placed in the context of natural resources management, a nexus framework renders a system of systems perspective. But which fields of knowledge are reflected in research and current business practices in natural resources management, and how are these various fields of study and business sectors interconnected?

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