Cheryl Marie Cordeiro noodlesoup1-598

Noodle soup.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2014

$1: most theories of consciousness still put the human being at the center of it all / that[i]s my problem with them / and i don[o]t like it / it[i]s like thinking the sun revolves around the earth because you observe it to be such / the theories haven[o]t matured in the thought processes / these theories they have now are put out to make the human being feel important // what i[a]m saying is that / from a cosmic perspective the difference between humans and mold or bacteria is insignificant / it[i]s like / nothing // in fact / look at yeast / it can raise bread // <1 can the human being raise bread >1 / <2 what can humans do compared to yeast >2 / nothing / at some level / humans are not much better than a virus / destructive and eating everything in sight / and if we can do better / we[a]re not showing that we can do better / the general consciousness of humanity is going downhill // this somewhat has to do with technology / globalization / and the interconnectedness of everything / too much too fast / inequality gaps increasing between groups of people / and people feel it / they get disenfranchised
@ <1 rising intonation, question >1
@ <2 rising intonation, question >2
$2: i think i[a]m beginning to understand the difference between your theory and what we can call the dominant paradigm out there / with the one difference being the definition and role of <3 time itself >3 /// if time is an illusion / then the mold and the human being are simultaneously instantaneous / they occur at the same time / in that aspect / reality and what we observe as material / is a projection of our observation / change that observation or perception and you can literally change the fundamental laws of nature / levitate objects / psychokinesis / unthink a bad parking / no more parking summon / but if as you take darwin’s evolutionary timeline / then mold was there billions of years before the human being / the human being / being a more complex and evolved interaction of energies / developed or was born at a later stage in the process of evolution / so in that sense / humans are part of the same grid of that which created the mold / of which the mold is found / there is nothing special about the human being and our observations per se / and our consciousness does not in effect matter to material physicalities / they remain solid no matter the mind // to make any accurate observation of the phenomena happening in this dimension / then you[wi]ll literally need to be in the fifth or sixth dimension to see what we have here / otherwise perception is futile / a fish does not see water / you can try to change your perception / but being in the same grid of things / suspended in it / made of the same frequency as it / as with the mold suspended in the same grid of things / then concentrate as you might / fat chance of you ever moving that cup with your mind / you will still need to walk to get your glass of water / you can think the cup in front of you appearing / but it[wi]ll never happen / because of the very fundamental laws of nature / gravity / gravitrons / there long before your individual consciousness / nothing to do with the big c consciousness at all
@ <3 emphasis >3
$1: if only there was a way we could make money out of this / i could be a swami //
$2: friend / do you own an orange robe / <4>4
@ <4 §1 shakes head, negative >4
$1: i was thinking of product development for that orange cushion cover over there on that chair / cut a hole in it / i could use it
$2: friend / have you been in tibet for at least seven years / <5>5
@ <5 §1 shakes head, negative >5
$2: then i[a]m afraid you cannot be a swami / nobody will believe you
$1: there are people doing it you know / making money out of this
$2: i know / and the reason they make money is precisely <6 because>6 they put the human being at the <7 center >7 of focus / first of all / as human beings / they cannot help but see things from the human perspective / the sun revolves around the earth / therefore i am important / second / as life gurus they are paid to make people feel good / to feel important / imagine if you didn[o]t // <8 today’s enlightenment will be the revelation that you are no better than / mold // in fact / mold is far worthier than you because it helps bread rise // what do you do in your multi-titled / multi-roled life >8 or consider // <9 have your parents raised you to believe that you are special >9 / <10 well / i have news for you / you have been misled / there is nothing special about you at all / you are in fact no different from / mold >10 / and you expect people to <11 pay you for that >11
@ <6 emphasis >6
@ <7 emphasis >7
@ <8 tone of voice change, calm >8
@ <9 rising intonation, question >9
@ <10 tone of voice change, calm >10
@ <11 rising intonation, question >11
$1: the idea is / yes // <12 everyone / you can change the material structure around you if you think it / i can teach you how / just sign up here for this class / i will teach you how to manipulate reality by accessing your deepest consciousness and change it / you can change your brown eyes blue by thinking so >12 // <13 oh yes / that will be great / in which case then i can then think my neighbour to hell / yes i will sign up here in your class / how much is it >13 / <14 yes just sign this cheque and i will fill in the amount later >14 // and when they go out there in battle and get themselves all beaten up / they come back to me and say your classes have not worked / all struggles out there are real / the physical is the physical / and i am tired / beaten black and blue / i will tell them / <15 yes / that is because you have lost your focus of concentration / you need to collapse your concentration into a single focal point / you did not think them away hard enough // here / sign up for the upper echelon classes / it will cost you another couple of zeros on the cheque / because now you have only signed up for the middle class >15
@ <12 tone of voice change, calm >12
@ <13 tone of voice change, eager >13
@ <14 tone of voice change, calm >14
@ <15 tone of voice change, calm >15
$2: fine / but you are then talking unified field theory at gravesian b o to c p level isn[o]t it / when unified field theory is supposed to be understood in a more abstract / beyond h u level per se /// see here / <16 take up one idea / make that one idea your life / think of it / dream of it / live on that idea / let the brain / muscle / nerves / every part of your body / be full of that idea / and just leave every other idea alone / this is the way to success / swami vivekananda >16
@ <16 reading from source >16
$1: yes / and he just described kamprad’s core philosophy of ikea / and the kung fu panda’s noodle soup / do one thing and one thing alone / that is very material / an example of unified field theory exactly at c p level
$2: mmm / no secret ingredient to the noodle soup then huh
$1: nope / not even mushrooms

Conversation transcription is based on Nivre et al. (1999), Göteborg Transcription Standard version 6.4, Department of Linguistics, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.